Lerdrit techniquesLerdrit is one of the lesser know styles that has originated in Thailand. Similar and deriving from it’s cousin Muay Thai Boxing, the style has been developed for the army and military divisions.

Lerdrit is a Thai martial art taught and used by the Royal Thai Army. Muay Lert Rit (or Lerdit) is a style of fighting derived from Thai Martial Art s(Muay Boran), therefore it is sometimes called Military Muay Thai. A selection was made among the very large portfolio of Lerdrit techniques already available in the different styles and adapted to close combat. Many of the Lerdrit techniques can be used very close or taken directly from the Mae Mai (Standard techniques for bare hand fighting) or the Look Mai (Advanced fighting techniques). As with all military Lerdrit techniques, the goal is radical. Using open hands instead of fists, it is basically a modified version of Muay Thai. Forward pressure, kicks, knees, locking, grappling, and elbows are all major concepts in Lerdrit. This form relates closely to Muay Boran, the predecessor of Muay Thai. Lerdrit is similar to Muay Boran with its use of palm strikes, elbows, and clinch fighting (the art of grappling from a standing position).

As with all martial arts, many Lerdrit techniques involving various weapons of the body are used. The martial art uses an array of hand strikes, such as punches, knife-edge strikes and slaps. Kicks are also employed in a defensive manner, and grappling techniques that are new to Thai martial arts are taught. Outside Thailand, Muay Lert Rit is becoming more popular in Europe through show tours by individuals, such as Grand Master Marco de Cesaris.

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