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Thai Martial Arts

flag-thailand-XLThe history of martial arts in Thailand is is not known. When a Burmese army sacked and razed Ayuddhaya to the ground the archives of Thai history were lost, and along with them much of the early history of Thai martial arts. The first great interest in Muay Thai as a sport is documented to have come around the year of 1584 under the rule of King Naresuan. The King himself was well trained in the art of Muay Thai and so were his soldiers. Soon the art spread to the public and new fighting techniques began to evolve.

Some Recommended Muay Thai Style Clubs In Bristol April 2018

PCT – Personal Combat Training Muay Thai – Personal Training Methodist Church, Clouds Hill Rd, Bristol BS5 7LH Tel: 07583 024292 www.personalcombattraining.co.uk   BAM Muay Thai Greystoke Ave, Bristol BS10 6AS Tel: 07788 262397 No Website   Combat Warriors Muay Thai Easton Rd, Bristol BS5 0BY Tel: 07970 518121 www.combatwarriors.co.uk/   SB Fitness Muay Thai Read more

Lerdrit techniques of this Thai martial art

Lerdrit is one of the lesser know styles that has originated in Thailand. Similar and deriving from it’s cousin Muay Thai Boxing, the style has been developed for the army and military divisions. Lerdrit is a Thai martial art taught and used by the Royal Thai Army. Muay Lert Rit (or Lerdit) is a style Read more

Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai started way back in the medieval ages when wars were fought with bows and arrows, swords, and pikes. And in hand-to-hand combat arms, legs, knees, and elbows were also used as weapons. This sport which was included in military training was made famous by King Nareusan 1560 A.D. During one of the many Read more

Krabi Krabong

In ancient times, Krabi Krabong was a system of attack and defense devised by idle warriors to practice and test their skills as well as to keep themselves fit and competent for battle. On the battlefield, those honed techniques became whirlwinds of destruction. Krabi Krabong though is not an antiquated discipline whose only contemporary value Read more

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