What is White Wax Wood? What is it used for?

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White Wax WoodA lot of people who come into the shop ask me What is white wax wood? What type of wood is it? Why is this used over other types of wood for weapons and training aids.

Let have a look at that but first we need to know what it is. The white wax wood plant in Latin is called Ligustrum lucid, or commonly known as the Chinese Privet. It can also be called the wax leaf privet. It is native to the Southern half of China but has been spread all across the world and is related to the olive tree.

China has used this widespread native tree for two things, it’s seeds in Chinese medicine for ailments such as vertigo, dizziness, lower back pain and premature greying of the hair but more so for it’s wood used in martial arts for weapons.

The straight growth makes it perfect for long weapons such as staffs and spears. It has a medium flex to it, not as much as the rattan bo staffs but enough to help it be strong against strikes without splintering into bits. The aptly named white wax wood also has a waxy feel so is nice to slide between your hands when changing grip. Another feature of the white wax wood is it’s quite lightweight meaning for the modern wushu is a perfect weapon being easily to move and can show the practitioners speed.

The Chinese use them, as it is their native plant, but it is perfectly suited for their needs. In Europe these are quite hard to source now and on a recent trip to China I made sure I ordered plenty, which should arrive in July. It has been a popular product in the shop.

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