What Tabi Boots should I wear?

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what tabi bootsSo you’ve started training in Ninjutsu and you want to get yourself a pair of Ninja Tabi Boots. But what Tabi boots should you buy? You will have found, once you started looking into it, there’s actually huge amount to choose from. On the flip side, there are very few places to go and actually try them on, even martial arts shops these days don’t always stock them.

However, saying that once you start looking you’ll be lost in all the options. So how do you find the best pair for you? What Tabi boots will be best for you?

Well here a few simple tips on what Tabi Boots you should wear, to help you on your way.

Follow the crowd – Do what everyone else is doing, if people in your club are wearing particular types of Ninja Tabi Boots, go and buy them. It’s easy and involves little thought. Ask them where they got them and do the same. In fact even easier than that, next time someone does an order, piggyback on the order to save even more effort.

Indoor or Outdoor – Easiest tip in the world, where are your classes or training sessions being held? Indoors or outdoors? Most Ninja Tabi boots will be sectioned into these two main categories. So pick the footwear for your training location. Most clubs, however, will do a bit of both so you may find you need both. Indoor Ninja Tabi Boots tend to have very thin soles, almost thick socks really, pretending to be shoes and the Outdoor Ninja Tabi Boots are much more like a canvas boot with a thick grippy rubber sole. Neither will work well in the other environment.

Back Fastening – I personally have only even seen two styles of fastening for Ninja Tabi Boots. These are either tab fastening or velcro. Now you don’t need to be a megamind to work out which is the traditional old school option. Purists might demand these every time but here are drawbacks. But what Tabi boots are better?

The tabs can be time consuming getting on and can regularly come apart and get in the way of your training. Especially if you doing sweeps, grappling, leg locks, etc. If you training outdoors, especially at night you will find yourself cursing about why someone hasn’t invented a better design for the fastening.

Well, velcro isn’t perfect but in pure practical terms it wins the day (sorry purists). It’s quick and easy and holds very well. If it does get pulled apart in grappling practice say, one simple push and it’s back together, easy. Plus you won’t get 50 push ups for fiddling with your boots again and again.

Socks or no socks – Some people will just wear the Ninja Tabi socks, when training on tatami mats, but personally I think they are mainly to wear inside you Ninja Tabi Boots for comfort. This is purely down to personal preference and see how you feel when you have your boots.

So that’s it, nice and simple, hopefully I’ve helped a little in your decision of what Tabi boots to buy. If you were looking to buy some Ninja Tabi Boots you can do so from Enso Martial Arts Shop , the staff are knowledgable and very helpful and will be able to point you in the right direction. Enjoy your training and keep it up.

Questions about what Tabi Boots to buy

If you have any questions about Ninja Tabi boots your welcome to contact me via www.ensomartialarts.com