What Karate Gi should I buy?

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What Karate Gi should I buyWhat Karate Gi should I buy? It’s a common questions I get asked all the tie. In fact, whether it is a Karate Gi, Judo Gi, Jiu Jitsu Gi you want to buy, there are a few simple things that’s worth knowing before you splash your cash. So when you’re looking for a new Gi to buy, you may have a lot of ideas about what you want from a Gi. Let talk about some of those ideas.

What Karate Gi should I buy? I don’t want it to shrink.

In the past many Gi’s, even the cheap ones, came ‘pre-shrunk’. Nowadays very few Gi’s are ‘pre-shrunk’. If you find a shop or website saying their’s are pre-shurnk I’d be wary. Unless you have bought this Gi before I’d be very cautious of that statement. Only a few of the higher priced Gi’s are pre-shrunk nowadays and even them are few and afar between. Best to assume not and buy your Gi a little big ad hot wash it yourself. Alternatively buy to fit and always cool wash it.

What Karate Gi should I buy? I don’t want it to go yellow

Yeah good luck with that! Unfortunately, that’s all you. So wash your Gi after every session and just except that there are 10% on the mat that secrete yellow stuff.

If you are one of these 10%, buy some decent whitener stain remover and apply for each wash. Keep the yellow at bay.

What Karate Gi should I buy? I want a heavyweight Gi, but don’t want it to stand on it’s own

Some heavyweight Gi’s are so stiff it’s crazy. Someone once brought one into the shop, as I didn’t believe his gi jacket stood up by itself. It was so stiff, that was after washes too. Shop around and try them on in the shop, the variation is huge so do your homework. A soft, flexible heavyweight Gi is a lovely thing to train in and well worth the extra money. Once you’ve found it stay with it and you can be all snug with the rest of us in the know.

What Karate Gi should I buy? I want a lightweight Gi that will last forever

Let’s be honest you pay for what you get and cotton can only do so much. They will wear out and rip if you abuse them. Again, shopping around and finding a Gi that suits your style is well worth the effort. Really you want to get about 2 years out of lightweight, anymore is a bonus. The more you pay the better a gi will aid your training but a will not necessarily last longer, just nicer for the time you’re in it.

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