What do I need for Karate? Everything you need

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What do I need for Karate? It’s a common question asked in the shop. Starting a new Martial Arts class can be daunting enough without the added stress of what to wear and what to take with you. This article isn’t just for total newbies though, it will also be useful for people changing class, coming from another style and someone who has been out of it for a long time and looking to get started again. I’ll go through all the kit one by one and how you can get it if you are interested.

Firstly, it worth saying, if you are brand new to the class and want to test it out before committing any money, turning up in loose fitting clothing and a water bottle will be absolutely fine for the first few classes. This will allow you to get a feel for it, make sure it’s what you want to do and then can start thinking about buying some kit. The list below is everything you will need and you can of course build things up over time. However, if you are someone who likes getting stuck in and getting everything in one go, then go for it. Nothing like committing to something fully and giving it everything.

Karate Gi

What do I need for KarateBuying a Karate Gi will be first on the list for everyone, most people will start off with a White Lightweight Karate Gi. These are the cheapest and the standard for most people starting out. Almost all clubs wear White Gi’s, but some do wear Black Gi so it’s worth checking before you go for the first time.

Buy a Lightweight Karate Gi here: shop.ensomartialarts.com/master-lightweight-karate-gi.html

Now, if you are happy to spend a bit of extra money or are coming back into it after some time away and don’t fancy starting off with a lightweight Karate Gi then you can get a Heavyweight Karate Gi. These come in European and Japanese Cut. The Japanese Cut Karate Gi is shorter in arms and legs. They are a heavier gi and are much more comfortable, they are perfect for winter training and also make a nice ‘snap’ when you punch and kick.



What do I need for KarateNow if you want to go the whole hog and get one of the best Karate Gi’s in the world. Then you could try the Tokaido Karate Gi. A brilliant Gi and it comes with two options. A Kata Gi and a Kumite Gi. Both brilliant Gi and very different in look and feel. Usually for high grades but if you can afford it, why got go for it.

Karate Sparring Kit

So that’s the Karate Gi’s cover but what else covers the “What do I need for Karate” question. Well sparring kit is important and it won’t be long until you get the opportunity to do some sparring in a class. Every class is different but some will get you sparring very early.

The full list items would be:

Gum Shield
Groin Guard
Karate Sparring Mitts

Check out all of these items here: https://shop.ensomartialarts.com/sparring-gear/

In my opinion all are essential but if you’re on a tight budget you could drop the shins, they are inexpensive and your shins will thank you for it.

Other Karate items

What do I need for KarateTatami Zori Sandals – A slightly fancy but essential item if you are training on mats, a great way to get from the changing rooms to the matwitout getting dirty feet. Of course, flip flops or slippers will do but these are the traditional footwear for this exact job.

Definitely not needed for the class but there are someone other items you may want to get which you can use at home to help your progression.

Makiwara Board
Heavy Punch Bag
Bo Staffs
Japanese Weapons like Sai and Kama

This should put you in a pretty good place to have a great time training with everything you need. Hope it’s been useful and check out our video on this exact topic.