What do I need for BJJ? Everything you’ll need

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What do I need for BJJ? It’s a really common question we have in the shop. People are wanting to start a new BJJ class and have no idea what they need to buy. They may have even done a few sessions and still aren’t sure what to get. This short article will go through everything you’ll need and even a few extras on top. Now it’s not just for total new beginners, the world of BJJ has changed a lot over the last few years and even if you’ve had a bit of time off, or a re changing from a different class this information could still be useful for you.

Firstly, it’s worth saying, that if you are a total newbie to BJJ, you won’t have to get everything before you start your first class. Most clubs are very happy if you just turn up in loose clothing. Make sure it’s something you don’t mind sweating in and having other people pull on it. Also avoid any zips, buttons, anything hard that could dig into you or your training partner. Also, make sure you take a water bottle, this is one of the rare case where sharing is not caring. You will get hot and sweaty and it’s super important to stay hydrated.

However, once you have decided you love BJJ and want to start training properly you’ll definitely need to invest in some kit. The first of which is a BJJ Gi. Now some people come to BJJ from styles that where Judo Gi’s, like Judo, Japanese Ju Jitsu, Aikido and ask if they can use their Judo Gi. There might be clubs that allow that but to be honest they are different Gi’s and are very specific to BJJ so it’s worth getting a specific BJJ Gi.

which jiu jitsu gi is bestAt Enso Martial Arts Shop we sell Tatami and Scramble Gi’s. Both very good Gi and perfect entry level BJJ Gis. The Tatami Gi’s come in two different designs, the Nova and the Original. The Tatami BJJ Gi Nova has been around for ages and is on its 6th generation at least. Tatami tend to do smaller runs which allows them to keep improving their kit. The BJJ Gi is tough, comfortable and comes with a White belt, perfect! Click here for more on this Gi

The Tatami BJJ Gi Original is a much cleaner Gi in terms of design but doesn’t come with a white Belt. A fantastic Gi and something different, as most people tend to start with the Nova. Something worth mentioning, is that BJJ Gis take a while to dry after washing, so if you are training regularly it is worth having a few Gis as one can be washed while the other is being used for training. Click here for more on this Gi

What do I need for BJJScramble BJJ Gi that we sell are also another great entry level BJJ Gi and come in Black and White. A super tough Gi, quite different from the Tatami style and has great Japanese styling. Well worth a try Click here for more on this Gi

So is this it? Does this answer the question “What do I need for BJJ?” Well no, this will definitely do you to start with but there a few more things that are essential and definitely necessary for continued comfortable training.

Two essential items are a Gum Shield and a Groin Guard. They’re super cheap, and well worth the misery of not having them. People always try and avoid having them and a knock in the mouth is just miserable without proper protection, so make sure you have both items in you kit bag.

Now, to be honest, if you have your Gi, Gum Shield and Groin guard you’ll be pretty much set for a new BJJ Class. However, over time you’ll start to notice your skin getting pretty sore from all the rubbing against your skin. This is where Rash Guards and SPATS come into their own. There are a few options you can get long sleeve and short sleeve rash guards, SPATS (long leg) and VT shorts (short leg). All are fine and will almost double up as you can wear them for Nogi BJJ training. Check out the website here for all the Nogi Kit

That’s pretty much it, but there are some other things worth knowing about that will help you along the way.

Finger tape or Zinc Oxide tape – to help protect your fingers from all the gripping and yanking
Sandals or Slippers – so you get get to the mat without getting dirt on your feet. WE sell the super traditional straw Zori Sandals
Knee and Elbow Pads – should you need them
Ear protection – if you want to avoid cauliflower ears

Check out our video we made on What do I need for BJJ