Tusah Taekwondo UK WT Protective Gear Review

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Tusah Taekwondo UKWe have a range of WT Approved Tusah Taekwondo UK Protective equipment in store. Not only is it all approved gear so you know it will take some abuse in a sparring competition environment, but it actually looks pretty slick too.

Starting from head to Toe, the Head Guard is Dipped Foam but it has a few little tweaks compared to the basic models with a thicker area for the top of the head and it certainly looks more classy.

For chest protection they have an excellent wrap around Armour blue on one side and red on the other depending on which side of the mat you are on. This is also a fairly lightweight item for its size, is a great shape for ease of movement and has a really decent set of straps on it to tie it tight and keep it in place. Not only will it protect from direct hits front on but also has some pretty decent side rib protection also.

For your arms, they have an excellent forearm guard, the moulded shape means a great tight fit on the forearm and a good amount of pad to protect from the hardest of kicks. There are some hefty Velcro straps on these to keep them in place too. The gloves are a tight fit with double straps around the wrist area to keep them on, they haveĀ  a bar across the palm which feels really nice when you make a fist. They are finger-less so the knuckles and the back of your hand are protected but you also have a good range of movement for any open hand techniques.

For your groin, they have been watching too much of the movie Clock Work Orange for this design I feel but at least the family jewels can be kept safe from your opponent in this well padded cup. Good size to cover the groin and surrounding area, shouldn’t be any issues here.

For your legs, they have shin guards which are much the same as the forearm guards, moulded shape, thick padding and good amount of straps to keep the right areas covered in brutal combat situations. They have a separate instep protector again similar to the arm protection its like a glove for your foot. Keeps the top of your foot safe as well as joints and toes but with elasticated straps to give freedom of movement. These are much thinner than most protective equipment out there but will certainly keep you safe and far less hassle than a bulky sponge foot 3 times the size of a bare skin foot.

With all that kit on you should be able to take some decent abuse whilst targeting your winning strike, why not come in the store check it out, try some on see what you think. We also suggest you don’t wear that stuff on its own, probably best to have a Stunning White Tusah Dobok on underneath, we sell a basic version and their Black V neck version with some extra ventilation keeping competition in mind.

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