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You can cover yourself from head to toe in Top Ten Sparring kit and it is approved by most fight associations too, which is a quick indicator of how good this stuff is. The international boxing association, the International Karate Federation, the International Taekwondo Federation, the World Kickboxing Organizations, to name a few. This is well made kit, which offers good protection using absorbent PPS foam covered in Nubuk (artificial leather) for most of the limb elements and a unique hard rubber for the head and shin guards that absorbs a considerable amount of impact.

Top Ten SparringThis kit is not just good to reduce injuries its all got really simple and effect strapping to get in and out of it fast, but keep it solidly in place too, Mostly using Velcro straps. It’s also fairly stylish and modern looking, super light with good mobility, which is great for competitions.

Head: A rubber helmet that is one piece and is like an extension of your skull, there is no padding between you and the protection its all in one and does a good job of protecting the most important part of your body. They come in a couple of colours and in Sml, Med and Lrg with an adjustment at the back on each to get a nice fit on any size or shape head.

Hands: These gloves look like a stripped down boxing glove. From the outside it looks like a boxing glove but on the inside there is a more open palm area, making it Top Ten Sparringuseful for those styles with a few locks and grabs as well as just punch protection. Your hand slips in under an elastic wrist strap and you thumb and fingers slip into a pocket like section in order to cover the extremities and allow you to curl the glove in as you make a fist. You can then tighten a velcro wrist strap for a good fit. They are well padded but not overly bulky either. There is not much else out there on the market like this.

Shins: Like the head guard this is a solid rubber item that you place direct onto your leg, it has a good number of straps to ensure it stays in place during the most vicious attack and defense moves. These are fairly lightweight and pretty thin which is good for comfort and mobility.

Boots: These over foot boots are great, really nice and comfy, under foot strap to keep them on and another strap goes over the foot and around the ankle to keep them in place, they really absorb a great deal of impact. You can wear them with or without shoes although trainers may be a bit bulky under them.

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