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Eagle Catcher Grip BJJMany sports require superior grip strength such as Rock Climbing and Weight lifting and Martial arts are no exception to this rule. Martial arts such as Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), wrestling and other throwing arts is a real priority. One way to train up the hand grip strength is to use this Eagle Catcher Grip trainer.

This is certainly from the more traditional side of the martial arts world but can benefit anyone from any. It is basically a wrist grip that targets specific areas in your arm to improve your finger and grip strength.

This piece of equipment has the benefit of being used almost anywhere. It isn’t solely for you garage training sessions or club training. You can do it while watching TV or during a break at work. The five individual loops with springs allow strength to be developed across all fingers and thumb. The improvement of grip will be steep and you’ll quickly notice the different when sparring or in training session.

This training device forces your hand into a good position for when you are training grip, it incorporates all your fingers and thumbs (one hand at a time). The springs are incredibly tough and therefore as a beginner you may feel utterly feeble and useless using it. However as the position is forced simply to hold the Eagle Catcher you are already training your Eagle Claw and Tiger Claw muscles before you even start, easy Huh!

Once you are happy with your basic grip position, this may take you a couple of mins each time at first, you can then begin to squeeze, then the real training (and BURN) really starts. You may find it a lot of effort to move the hooks even the slightest distance, you can just tense and hold, this will build strength in your fingers, hand and whole forearm, so do not be deterred if you cannot touch all your fingers together on your first attempt, it will take time.

Once you have exhausted your first hand you can switch to your other hand and give that some abuse too, be careful to not overwork/strain yourself when first using this item, it is easily done. After some weeks, months or perhaps even years you will notice the distance between your gripped fingers decreasing as you get stronger but within a much shorter time, you will notice your lower arm strength increase.

Made from a metal frame with five individual springs with loops, Can be used on either hand and packs away easily.

If you have never tried one, now’s the time, but do take it steady and build the training up slowly, its easy to just try, try and try again only to wake up with an arm you cannot move at all. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress on our Facebook or Instagram pages.


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