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Dit Da JowIf you have read this months interview with Sifu Tony Dove, you will already have heard a bit about Dit Da Jow. This is a traditional ointment, very common in Chinese martial arts, especially the external styles.

As Tony explained Dit Da means Fallen, Beaten and Jow means Wine, so it is wine for those reasons. It is to help cure the side effects of hard training. Breaks, fractures and more often than not Bruises. You apply the medicine directly to the wound mostly, I don’t advise putting it on an open wound though, there may be a great deal of agony and screaming, worse than the original injury!

Our illustrious leader Doug Swift from Enso has his own recipe for this medicine and it works an absolute treat (I’m not just saying that because he pays my wages either) I’ve used a mass production version of this medicine, heading on for a couple of decades (we sell that too). Mainly as this is all I knew for the most part¬† and I had an “If it works why fix it attitude”, however in later years I’ve come to learn more about the healing arts and that there are options.

Most of the old Chinese masters would probably have their own version of Dit Da Jow and there are certainly many still available today, all of them are pretty much brown and your close friends and probably strangers will wonder, but not always openly question, what interesting deodorant that dude wears!! So whilst it is not the greatest of smells, ours is far friendlier and reasonable on the nose, compared to the mass produced version by the way, I can also recommend NOT getting it in your eyes, mouth or any “nsfw areas” but I can very much recommend it to treat your injuries. I was pleasantly surprised by first, the less offensive odour and also the speed in which it worked. You can get a good purple and black bruise down to a faint brown patch practically over night if applied correctly (Rubbing the bruise viciously) this is not for the faint hearted really but a much needed tool in the cabinet for hard core martial artists. It was nice to try something else and even better to get such awesome results from it. It’s a little thicker than the usual stuff I use but that actually improves application ease.¬† It was explained to me by an old master that you should not leave bruises, they should be dealt with, they are basically a blood clot and that means there is a danger they will get caught in the blood flow, get up to your brain and you die. YIKES, Frightening thought, so I have always tended to my wounds quite quickly since.

This is not a miracle cure of course and you should take advice from your teacher on how to use this medicine especially if for the process of Iron Palm training. You can use it before and after training if you really want to keep yourself in check.

Obviously when I say it will treat breaks etc it is PART of the process, always consult your teacher and for serious injuries a Doctor or Hospital of course. But as for keeping your weapons (limbs) in check this is a worthy part of the arsenal and can be useful in helping the healing process. Also, DON’T DRINK IT, INSERT IT or rub it into your would without taking it out the bottle first. If you do have any problems, don’t call us, call a professional.

We can give some advice if you are thinking about buying some and want some directions though. I guess its also worth saying, you may not want to apply this wearing your favorite clothes or sat on your expensive chair (especially if they are white) and don’t worry that you look like an Oompa Loompa, it’ll pass.

If you are interested in buying Dit Da Jow was sell it here: