Pro Box Gloves Leather Review

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Pro Box Gloves Leather

Pro Box Gloves LeatherThese are one of the newer editions to our range but so far we (and our customers) are super pleased with them.

They are our base level Leather Pro Box Gloves at a bargain of a price, and probably the middle of our range overall. However people really seem to like to the feel and fit of these gloves, they have swayed some that have come in with their heart set on something else, but once they have tried these, decision made.

They are a classic boxing style with no fancy designs, they have high compression IMF padding giving your hands excellent protection. They have a waterproof lining in them but as soon as you put them on they feel like a glove you have worn in for years right away.

They have air holes along the palm area and the thumb, a great grip bar that you barely notice when making a fist. I would prefer to feel like my thumb was tucked in more but that’s personal preference. There is a thumb tie on these gloves. Wide Velcro grip strap, not elasticated but plenty long enough to get it tight and feels like it gives your wrist some support too. The straps have Pro Box embroidered on to them which looks great, the main logo on the glove looks really plain and almost makes them look cheap, especially considering the quality you feel once putting them on. The logo on their PU gloves seems like they spent more time on the design, so, an odd choice, but it doesn’t really affect anything the glove has to give merely the look.

Obviously the brand new ones feel a little stiff, but as they are leather they will soften and mould to your hand over time, they feel awesome now so must feel amazing after a couple of months. Don’t believe me? Why not come in and try a pair on and see for yourself!!

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