Mook Jong – Wooden Training Man

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Don’t Be a Dummy

The Wooden Dummy, or Wooden Man, is considered by many to be the mascot of Chinese martial arts. Made famous by classic Hong Kong Kung Fu films, like: Warriors Two, The Prodigal Son and more recently by Donnie Yen’s Ip Man Trilogy. !

One of the legends of how the the Wooden dummy came to be known, was through it’s usage by Red Junk Opera, which is said to have not only given us the Dummy, but also the famous Wing Chun Dragon Staff. The company, who had been taught the Wing Chun forms, began in secret to practice their newly acquired art on the mast, and from there the dummy as we know it today started to take shape.

After years of adaptations, it became what we know today. At Enso, we have been fortunate enough to acquire one based on the exact dimensions of the Koo Sang Dummy. Koo Sang was a student of Ip Mans, and his design is now considered to be the only one for serious martial arts practitioners.

Of course, it’s not only for Wing Chun, any style can be improved through the use of a Wooden Man. If you wish to test your punching or kicking applications, condition your arms, shins and fists then this is ‘the’ item for you, and for some, the only piece of equipment they’ve ever needed.