Feiyue Shanghai on the Water (and now here)

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feiyue shanghaiAs you may have seen on facebook recently, Enso now has a supplier for Feiyues in China. This means we can now get our hands on the elusive hightops and also reduce the price for you the customer.

It was hard work finding the factory shop, needed my best Chinese and a lot of bargaining to get a shipment out but I managed it in the end and we are now waiting for it to arrive.

As is typical with things here in the China the original factory shop of Feiyues was a tiny understated shop down a small street in a dusty suburb of Shanghai. As soon as I walked in I knew this was the place, “Yes, found it”. It had taken a number of failed trips to various places all over Shanghai to find this place, chasing leads from the internet and friends who have lived her some time. One place turned out to be a fancy wine bar selling coffee for £10 a cup, “maybe not I thought”

feiyue shanghaiThe Feiyue shop lady spoke now English part from okay and bye bye (bai bai) so i had to pull out nearly all of my vocabulary to get a box packed and ready to go. After a lot of haggling, the box gets put on a flat bed trolley and I get beckoned outside.

Off she goes at a quick march down the road, “okay” i thought “go with it” but after about a mile walk we arrive at the post office and she helps me post it off to Enso. Amazing!!

While writing this article, the first shipment arrived at Enso, so now we are able to lower the prices of all our Feiyues and Hightops to £12.99 and £15.99 respectively. Making them now some of the cheapest Feiyues for sale in the UK.

Buy Feiyue from Enso Martial Arts now while they’re in stock


Watch our video on all the Feiyue we have for sale at Enso Martial Arts Shop Bristol UK