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Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, is easily one of the most popular forms of fighting in the world today, for both spectators and practitioners. It can incorporate pretty much any style of martial arts, and it’s therefore highly recommended that you have the best kit you can get.1) Because good quality equipment tends to give one the confidence to kick/punch harder, 2) Will be more durable and have longer life span, 3) Better gear generally looks cooler. Very important!

Fairtex MMA GlovesThe Fairtex MMA gloves have this balance down! Lightweight and flexible, with their quick-hand signature on the back, they bring the comfort, the cool and the confidence. Made from premium quality leather, with Fairtex’s classic three layers of foam for great protection and shock dispersement. Designed for a comfortable and secure fit.

Fairtex is a high quality brand, the name it self represents excellent standards. Voted the Best MMA gloves by Fighters Only magazine’s World MMA Awards and seen in some of the biggest MMA events around the world, including, of course, the UFC. If you’re starting to pick up the pace with your training, are a pro, or just want a pair of gloves that will last and last, then look no more… The Fairtex has you.

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Fairtex MMA Gloves Black