Escrima Sticks for Sale at Enso Martial Arts Shop

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Enso Martial Arts Shop has a great range of Escrima sticks for sale. These are also called Kali sticks or Arnis sticks. They are most commonly used for Filipino stick fighting martial arts but martial arts from other countries do have techniques and styles that use a similar length stick. More about that will be mentioned later.

Rattan Escrima Sticks

Escrima Sticks for saleThe most commonly used Filipino stick are the Rattan Escrima Sticks. They are made entirely of Rattan and solid cousin of Bamboo. 2ft in length and have a bit of flex, although it’s hard to tell due to the short length. They nearly always come with the Rattan skin on them and some Filipino stick fighters choose to strip the skin off to make it less hard.

Tiger Escrima Sticks

Tiger Escrima SticksThe Tiger Escrima Sticks are exactly the same as the rattan escrima sticks, but as an extra they have be burnt for a Tiger Effect in the Rattan Skin. Also, at one end they have hand grips carved out of them.

Foam Escrima Sticks

Foam Escrima SticksMost Escrima Stick fighters like the intensity of the training. The hardness of the sticks ramps up the intensity a lot. For those not wanting that, or needing a break from the lumps and bumps, foam escrima sticks are a great way to go. Made from a plastic core with foam padding, they’ll take a lot of punishment and are easy on the body. To an extent.

Unbreakable Escrima Sticks

Unbreakable Escrima SticksCold Steel have made an 82cm long unbreakable escrima stick and we now sell them at Enso Martial Arts Shop. Made from polypropylene this is a one time buy and unless you loose it, you’ll never need another one. Perfect for Filipino practitioners as you can go through quite a lot of stick.

So is all the Escrima sticks for sale?

Red Oak HanboWell maybe but actually the Japanese Hanbo and the techniques they require to use them aren’t too far off how the longer Escrima sticks are used. We sell them in Red Oak and White Oak. The main different in these, apart from the small extra length is the material. The oak wood is pretty unforgiving and has very little flex, unlike the Rattan. Go easy and enjoy the training.