What are the best shoes for Tai Chi Practice?

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I get asked all the time, what are the best shoes for Tai Chi practice. Can’t I just wear my trainers for Tai Chi? Why does it make a difference?

what are the best shoes for tai chi practiceWell, Tai Chi practice will invariably focus on balance, posture and movement. Well actually let’s be more specific natural balance, natural posture and natural movement. Therefore, what your feet are doing is important.

Trainers, sports shoes, walking boots, running shoes, etc all put your foot in a position specific for that sport or activity not the best shoes for tai chi practice. It’s fit for purpose. A lot for these help you reduce injuries because most of us don’t have a natural foot position.

Low impact Tai Chi however, requires you to feel the floor so you can learn how to achieve this Natural foot position, and all the other natural thigns listed above.

So then what are the best shoes for tai chi practice?

Well, you’ll need a shoe that has a thin sole and is flexible, you need a lightweight shoe in general so theirs no extra necessary weight on your joints. You need a canvas breathable top so your feet can breath.

The sole of the shoe is really the only thing that varies for Tai Chi shoes.

You’ll find there are three main types of sole. Hard plastic, Soft rubber and cotton or rope. Each has their place.

Hard plastic Tai Chi Slippers . For outdoor practice you’ll need a tough sole but due to this it tends to be slippy, so carpet or rough surfaces are the best shoes for Tai Chi practice.

Tai Chi Shoes rubber sole variety has great grip, so for polished stone floor or laminate or wooden floors.

The final type of shoe is the Tai Chi cotton sole shoes. People love these because they are made from all natural products, can be a bit slippy one really polished smooth floors but a wooden floor, carpet, stone is perfect.

Check out this video if you want more information on what are best shoes for Tai Chi practice.