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Some Recommended Kickboxing Classes in Bristol by us

Powersports Martial Arts Fitness (See our Interview with Lloyd Allen)

Where: 15 Hampton Ln, Bristol BS6 6JZ

Tel:  07850 715961

Web: powersportsgym.co.uk/


Broad Plain Kickboxing

Where: Broad Plain Riverside Leisure Centre, Clement Street, Bristol BS2 9ES

Tel:  07752 164604

Web: broadplainkickboxing.webs.com/


Bristol Martial Arts Acadamy

Where: 252 Central Park, Bristol BS14 9BZ

Tel:  07757 990420

Web: www.bristolmartialartsacademy.com/


Bristol Kickboxing Association

Where: Newton St, Newton Hall Street, Bristol BS5 0QZ

Tel:  07767 636711

Web: bristolkickboxingassociation.co.uk/