All of the reviews and advice we have given on the products we have for sale at Enso Martial Arts Shop in Bristol. We have a youtube channel too where we have done videos on many of the products too but these are the written descriptions we have done.

What do I need for BJJ What do I need for BJJ? Everything you’ll need - What do I need for BJJ? It's a really common question we have in the shop. People are wanting to start a new BJJ class… Continue Reading
What do I need for Karate What do I need for Karate? Everything you need - What do I need for Karate? It's a common question asked in the shop. Starting a new Martial Arts class can be daunting enough without… Continue Reading
Fairtex MMA Gloves Fantastic Mr Fairtex - Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, is easily one of the most popular forms of fighting in the world today, for both spectators and practitioners. It… Continue Reading
Wooden Dummy Mook Jong – Wooden Training Man - Don't Be a Dummy The Wooden Dummy, or Wooden Man, is considered by many to be the mascot of Chinese martial arts. Made famous by… Continue Reading
cold steel katanas Cold Steel Katanas - Read here about the range of Katana at Enso Martial Arts shop including the Cold Steel Katanas. The samurai sword is arguably the most recognised… Continue Reading
Sandee Thai Boxing New Range of Sandee Thai Boxing Shorts, Review - Sandee Thai Boxing, have been manufacturing some of the worlds best Muay Thai equipment since 1977, and their latest Thai Boxing shorts live up to… Continue Reading
Top Ten Sparring Top Ten Sparring Equipment - You can cover yourself from head to toe in Top Ten Sparring kit and it is approved by most fight associations too, which is a… Continue Reading
Pro Box Gloves Leather Pro Box Gloves Leather Review - Pro Box Gloves Leather These are one of the newer editions to our range but so far we (and our customers) are super pleased with… Continue Reading
Dit Da Jow Product Review – Dit Da Jow - If you have read this months interview with Sifu Tony Dove, you will already have heard a bit about Dit Da Jow. This is a… Continue Reading
Tusah Taekwondo UK Tusah Taekwondo UK WT Protective Gear Review - We have a range of WT Approved Tusah Taekwondo UK Protective equipment in store. Not only is it all approved gear so you know it… Continue Reading
The Eagle Catcher - Many sports require superior grip strength such as Rock Climbing and Weight lifting and Martial arts are no exception to this rule. Martial arts such… Continue Reading
Adidas Taekwondo Shoes – Not just for Taekwondo! - So what would you want if you could have the perfect training shoe? It would have to be super lightweight to not affect you leg… Continue Reading
feiyue top one shoes We Love Black Feiyue Top One Shoes!!!! - We love Black Feiyue Top One shoes, they have been the shoe of choice for Shaolin Monks for years. Many people practicing Shaolin Kung Fu,… Continue Reading
Heavyweight Karate Gi or European Cut Karate Gi - At Enso Martial Arts we sell a variety of Karate Gi’s. We sell black and white, lightweight and heavyweight karate gi, not just for Karate… Continue Reading
what is white wax wood What is White Wax Wood? What is it used for? - A lot of people who come into the shop ask me What is white wax wood? What type of wood is it? Why is this… Continue Reading
Dipped Foam vs PU Sparring Kit? What’s Best? - There are masses of Sparring equipment out there for Kickboxing. In the shop we cater for everyone. We'll put Thai Boxing aside as there a… Continue Reading
Escrima Sticks for sale Escrima Sticks for Sale at Enso Martial Arts Shop - Enso Martial Arts Shop has a great range of Escrima sticks for sale. These are also called Kali sticks or Arnis sticks. They are most… Continue Reading
Can you use a Judo Gi for BJJ or BJJ Gi for Judo? - Can you use a Judo Gi for BJJ or BJJ Gi for Judo? That's the question this week. I had a guy in the shop… Continue Reading
What are the shaolin kung fu sash levels? - I get asked all the time “What are the shaolin kung fu sash levels?” It’s a bit of an unanswerable question. I’ll explain why. Kung… Continue Reading
What Bokken to buy? Which Bokken to Buy? - There are so many Bokken out there on the market these days, it can be hard to know what bokken to buy, let alone make… Continue Reading
Training Equipment for Martial Arts - The Boom of Mixed Martial Arts about 10 years ago brought with it a new breed of martial arts practitioners and a whole new way… Continue Reading
What’s the difference between a heavyweight and lightweight Karate Gi? - What's the difference between a heavyweight and lightweight Karate Gi? I get asked this all the time in the shop. Well, apart from the the… Continue Reading
The Do’s and Don’t of buying Tai Chi Equipment - First and foremost before I dish out any advice on buying Tai Chi Equipment is in the beginning always follow the crowd. It saves having… Continue Reading
Coloured Belts with Stripes: Are they Traditional or Not? - Coloured Belts with Stripes on them get a little bit of stick from the ‘traditional’ martial artis world. The trouble is, the standard colours denoting… Continue Reading
Japanese sword to buy Which Japanese Sword to Buy and accessories? - Getting into a sword style can be an expensive business, especially if you get excited and start tell yourself you need this or need that.… Continue Reading
Adidas martial arts shoes lowdown – Are they any good? - So for all of us hardline traditional martial artists, seeing brands like JJB sports, Adidas, Mizuno, Nike all getting in on the scene, for us… Continue Reading
Which are best the high tops or low tops for Kung Fu? - Shall I wear the high tops or low tops for Kung Fu? I get asked this all the time. But these amazing Feiyue shoes aren’t… Continue Reading
Feiyue Black or White: Which is a better choice for training in? - Feiyue shoes have been the shoe of choice for Shaolin Monks for years. Many people practicing Shaolin Kung Fu, Wu Shu, San Da and other… Continue Reading
What Self Defence Weapons are legal in the UK? - People come into my shop all the time and point at nearly everything and say "Is that legal? Can I buy that?" Self Defence weapons… Continue Reading
Foam, Rubber, Plastic, Wood or Metal Nunchaku? - With so many Nunchaku available how do you decide the type of Nunchaku you want to buy. What are the options? Well, mainly you’ll be… Continue Reading
What Karate Gi should I buy? - What Karate Gi should I buy? It's a common questions I get asked all the tie. In fact, whether it is a Karate Gi, Judo… Continue Reading
Wood vs Metal Nunchaku: Is there any difference? - With so many choices of nunchaku on the market, what’s a good option to buy? Well, one of the decisions will be on wood vs… Continue Reading
Nunchaku Cord vs Chain – The age old argument - There are so many Nunchaku on the market these days it’s hard to know what to choose. Out of all the available Nunchaku there are… Continue Reading
What Tabi Boots should I wear? - So you’ve started training in Ninjutsu and you want to get yourself a pair of Ninja Tabi Boots. But what Tabi boots should you buy?… Continue Reading
best tai chi shoes What are the best shoes for Tai Chi Practice? - I get asked all the time, what are the best shoes for Tai Chi practice. Can’t I just wear my trainers for Tai Chi? Why… Continue Reading
What to wear for Aikido? What Aikido Equipment do i need? - Starting out in Aikido can be a exciting time, every thin gis so new and you get a whole new world opened up to you.… Continue Reading
which jiu jitsu gi is best Which Jiu Jitsu Gi is Best? - "I'd like to buy a Jiu Jitsu Gi please" is usually the opening question and will always be followed by "What sort of Jiu Jitsu"… Continue Reading
feiyue shanghai Feiyue Shanghai on the Water (and now here) - As you may have seen on facebook recently, Enso now has a supplier for Feiyues in China. This means we can now get our hands… Continue Reading