Choi Kwang Do

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Choi Kwang Do History (The Art of Grand Master Kwang Choi) is a dynamic, innovative approach to martial arts training that is recognized as one of the fastest growing martial…

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Hapkido History shows it is a powerful and innovative Korean martial art. Literally translated, the word Hap means coordination of harmony, Ki denotes the essence of power, and Do means…

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Hwarang Do

Hand to-hand combat is as old as the human race, and the different fighting styles that prevailed in different regions of the world took generations to evolve. Each individual country…

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The earliest records of Martial Arts practice in Korea date back to about 50 B.C. These earliest forms of korean martial arts are known as 'Taek Kyon'. Evidence that Martial…

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Tang Soo Do

Even though Tang Soo Do History can be traced back to its founder, date and location, the origin of the martial arts in general is vague. Some sources will claim…

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