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Some Recommended Muay Thai Style Clubs In Bristol April 2018

PCT – Personal Combat Training Muay Thai – Personal Training Methodist Church, Clouds Hill Rd, Bristol BS5 7LH Tel: 07583 024292 www.personalcombattraining.co.uk   BAM Muay Thai Greystoke Ave, Bristol BS10 6AS Tel: 07788 262397 No Website   Combat Warriors Muay Thai Easton Rd, Bristol BS5 0BY Tel: 07970 518121 www.combatwarriors.co.uk/   SB Fitness Muay Thai Read more

Chuo Jiao

Chuo Jiao or Chuojiao meaning “Poking Foot” in Mandarin, originated in Northern China. The Chinese martial arts saying, “Hands of the south and legs of the north and even the gods will fear you”, commonly referred to the northern leg system of Chuo Jiao. It is believed that this ancient martial art evolved during the Read more


If you could go back in time, say a couple of hundred years or so, onto the streets of old Paris, France, you might very well find thugs and hoodlums settling their differences with a street-fighting style which they called ‘La Savate’ (pronounced sa-vat). This was simply a slang term, which meant ‘old shoe’ (or Read more

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