Sarah May Acupuncture June Offer at Enso Healing Rooms

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This month Sarah May Acupuncture at Enso Healing Rooms if offering £10 off treatments for all new clients. She did a short interview for us.

Sarah May AcupunctureI first became interested in Chinese Medicine over twenty five years ago, beginning my studies in Shiatsu and following it up with a trip to China to study Tuina massage and courses in Buqi Healing and Acupuncture.

I was captivated by the philosophy and holistic approach to health. It was such an inspiration to discover and work with a system of healing that looks at the whole of a person, helping to relieve symptoms of disease but also to prevent illness, maintain good health and generally help people feel more energised and happy.

I  have been blessed to meet and treat many amazing people over many years and the effectiveness of acupuncture to help them has never ceased to impress me. It has always seemed to me such a beautiful way to perceive of life and health, to look at how we engage in the world, helping people to feel well but also step out in their life and follow their passion and reach their full potential.

If you want to try Sarah May Acupuncture and see if it works for you, Sarah is offering £10 off of the first session for all new clients, cost will be £25. To book contact Sarah on

Sarah May Acupuncture

07929 252756 or email for further information you can go to the website