Ross Chick Kickboxing interviews for Enso Martial Arts

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ross chick kickboxingPhil @ Enso Martial Arts: Hi  Ross Chick kickboxing, Who do you train with?

Ross Chick Kickboxing:

I started kickboxing 15 years ago with Mr David Clatworthy 6th Dan in Wado Ryu Karate.

What are your biggest accomplishment to date?

Ross Chick Kickboxing:

I’m a professional kickboxer and I won the English pro WRSA kickboxing title in March last year. And coaching, I coached British Champions and English Champions and Souther Area champions.

Great! Obviously we have to ask this- Who was your hardest fight?
Hmmm.. Probably the hardest fight I ever had, it would be a toss up between Daryl Mansell current Professional K1 British champion and Jake Jordan from relentless gym in Bridgwater. I’d probablky have to go with… jake Jordan.

Yeah? He gave you a bit of a beasting did he?

Ross Chick Kickboxing:

Yeah, 3 rounds. I won the fight. I lost the fight against Darryl as he put my nose across my face, and the fight was stopped by the doctor. So I’d go Jake Jordan.

Well worth it though I presume?

Ross Chick Kickboxing:

Oh Yes

Obivously you coach a lot. Could you tell me a bit more about your association Pro-K?

Ross Chick Kickboxing:

Yes, We’re probably the oldest kickboxing club in Bristol. We’re Karate, Kickboxing and Boxing and are under The WCA which is headed up by David Clatworthy, the World Combat Arts Association. We run sessions Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from Tex Woodwards Spanorium farm professional boxing gym and sea mills community centre and red wood lodge…

You have a lot of rising stars in camp. Who should we look out for?

Ross Chick Kickboxing:

Yes, We have a young amateur Joe Meachin who recently won the English title for the WRSA and is fighting again this weekend for WCA Southtern Area title. We also have Ashely Lewis who is the professional English champion and used to have the British and I can see big things coming in his future as well.
So we’ll have to look out for him then?

So you’re also a promotor do you have any shows coming up?

Ross Chick Kickboxing:

Yes we have the pro-k championships coming up on the 29th of March at redwood lodge country club. We have professional southern area titles and amateur title fights, plus K1 amateur title fights there’s a cracking line up including clubs from all round the country.

Brilliant, we look forward to it. Are there any fights in particular that you’re looking forward to?

Ross Chick Kickboxing:

Andrea wellback will be a cracker against Bristol Lau Gars Ros Wilson. That’s for the 54- 56 kg professional English title. Bristol’s Craig Lidell from pro-k against Rob Lawson from Evolution in Cheltenham. That’s for the Southern area WCA title, will be a cracking fight as well. You’ll also see Joe Meachin coming out and fighting for Southern area title and he’s never in a boring fight basically!

Wonderful, We wish you all the best for the fight night and to your fighters. Thanks for coming in Ross.

Ross Chick Kickboxing:

No problem, thank you.

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