Pedro Bessa BJJ student, Tom Showler, interviews for Enso Martial Arts

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Pedro Bessa BJJHi Tom, thank you for your time with us. We’ll go straight back to basics- Can you tell us how and who you started training with?

Tom @ Pedro Bessa BJJ

I started training three years ago, with Black Belt Pedro Bessa, I was introduced by a good friend who knew that I had previous experience in stand up martial arts and was looking for a new challenge. I train on a daily basis with Pedro and have been lucky to train with a wide variety of Black Belts through Pedro Bessa BJJ.

Why BJJ over anything else?

Tom @ Pedro Bessa BJJ

Firstly it’s fun! I never get bored of BJJ no matter how hard I train, it’s just endless, plus I love the fact that you can spar flat out everyday! 🙂

Can you tell us about some of your biggest and best wins to date?

Tom @ Pedro Bessa BJJ

I’ve yet to win any big competitions, I got down to the last 32 out of 100+ at the Europeans this year in Lisbon which I was very pleased with and I’ve medalled at smaller competitions but my sights are set on the big comps. What do you have planned for your future competitive career? Developing a consistent competition game. As a middleweight I have always had very big categories (100+ at the Europeans) so I will inevitably have to fight at least five opponents of different builds and styles on the day, so building a game that will hopefully work for everyone 🙂

You are helping teach a lot.

Tom @ Pedro Bessa BJJ

Can you tell us about your classes? I take the kids classes at the gym, which is my passion, we have a core of about eight kids who have been training solidly for the last two years, i believe teaching them really helps me develop as they are very inquisitive and they are just a really good group of kids. I push them hard but I also try to cater for their individual needs as well. They compete frequently and they rarely miss out on the medals, they’ll be tapping me out soon :).

Pedro Bessa BJJWhats it like working alongside and training with such a high calibre athlete as Pedro?

Tom @ Pedro Bessa BJJ

The training is hard! That’s was initially what convinced me to train at our gym. I just couldn’t believe that it was possible to be so thoroughly beaten! We train very hard for competitions but we are a family on and off the mats. Pedro Bessa BJJ has given me so many opportunities, and I’m really grateful!

Do you have any particular goals for next year?

Tom @ Pedro Bessa BJJ

To compete as much as I possibly can.

I understand the British championships are coming up? How has training being going and what do you feel are your chances?

Tom @ Pedro Bessa BJJ

Training is good, we really ramp it up when competitions are coming up. I would like to think my chances are as good as anyone’s but there are a lot of factors, I just try and focus on the ones that I can control.

and for those interested in training with you Tom, could you please reiterate training venue, days and times please?

Tom @ Pedro Bessa BJJ

We have classes everyday, but for the beginners 6.00-7.00 Tuesday and Thursday, and for the kids 5.00-5.45 Tuesday and Thursday. But just drop in and say hello at an evening class Cheers Phil 🙂 we are on Merton Road, my number is 07854560242

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