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Indonesian Martial Arts

indonesian martial artsIndonesia is a land of spice islands. Their history has always been that of competing tribes and peoples. They also have a history of invasion by foreign powers. The many indonesian martial arts styles evolved under both. Most indonesian martial arts are tribal arts intended for the entire village to use. Because of the nature of tribal warfare (and the prevalence of cannibalistic tribes), the indonesian martial arts tend to be designed with weapons in mind and both as and against multiple armed opponents. Very little “sportsmanship” is applied when fighting someone you intend on eating.

Another group of events defining how the indonesian martial arts fighting arts evolved is the tendency of everyone around you to invade. Indonesia has been claimed by (among others) the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Dutch. In fact, the phrase “run Amok” refers to Indonesian martial arts warriors tying off pressure points, grabbing a knife, and walking down the street killing every foreigner they saw. Today in the west, many of the best known indonesian martial arts players are Dutch-Indo.

There is also in Indonesia a strong history of Immigration, and many Chinese have moved there. The Chinese Kung-Fu styles were blended with the native indonesian martial arts styles and form the basis of the hybrid Kuntao Silat styles.

Most recently Islam is becoming the predominant religion of the region. And we are beginning to see it’s influences on the indonesian martial arts still popular in Indonesia.

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Tarung Derajat

Tarung Derajat is a full body contact martial art from Indonesia, created by Haji Achmad Dradjat. He grew up in a tough society in Bandung, where the youngsters were used to fighting on the street. This situation insisted Guru Haji Achmad Drajat to be a street-fighter. He didn’t start the fight, but the situation required Read more


Kuntao is an ancient Chinese form of Martial Arts which originated about 3,500 years ago in southern coastal province of Fujian, China. Kuntao is a generic term used in much of Southeast Asia to designate martial arts of Chinese origin, the term deriving from the Fujian Chinese (Hokkienese) words for ‘fist’ (kun) and way or Read more

Pencak Silat

The world’s largest archipelago stretches like a huge scimitar from Malaysia to New Guinea comprised of more than 13,000 islands and is home to a deadly fighting art known as “Pencak Silat”, or “Pencak Silat.” In Malaysia, there are approximately 500 styles. In Indonesia there are perhaps 200 styles with many styles preferring not to Read more

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