Raged UK Cage Fighting in Swindon

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Raged UKAt the end of last month, we visited the Raged UK Cage Fighting show. We were selling some of the discounted MMA gear we have at the moment.

It is the first MMA show I have been to in about 10 years so it was interesting to see how things have moved on and developed over the last decade and what’s new and what remains the same.

Raged UK is a promotion based in Swindon and I think this was there 4th event. Held in centre of the city, the cage looked very much at home in the venue. One of the main differences from other shows I’ve been to was that it was mainly standing room only, with some chairs on the level above. There wasn’t any VIP tables, but the place was packed so it made it a great atmosphere.

The fighters were paired pretty well, which lead to some good fights and included the first female cage fight in Swindon, which was won by a Bristol girl.

All in all a pretty good night, well run event and easy going. Definitely worth going to if you get the chance.

Link to Raged UK facebook page