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Club Directory


Find Martial Arts Clubs in Wales. If you would like us to feature your club or you wish to contribute, please get in touch.

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  • Budo Warrior Schools [ View On Map ]

    Budo Warrior Schools was formed in June 2000 with one goal in mind and that was to secure the evolution of the warrior spirit. The decline of that spirit born of justice, control and power within individuals is having a sharp effect on the quality of our society.
    Style: Ninjitsu
    Instructors name:  Ryan Hobbs 5th Dan
    Venue address: 1-2 shakespeare Street, Cardiff CF24 3ES
    Phone number: 07776 202011
    Email: budowarriorschools@gmail.com
    Website address: www.budowarriorschools.co.uk

  • Cardiff Martial Arts – Kickboxing [ View On Map ]

    Our Taekwon-do, Kickboxing and Little Dragons classes are available to all people regardless of current ability or fitness level.
    Style: kickboxing
    Instructor Name & Grade: Mr Kevin McCabe 5th Dan
    Telephone: 07971 468 231
    Email: info@cardiffmartialarts.com
    Website: www.cardiffmartialarts.com

  • Fishguard & Goodwick Karate Club [ View On Map ]

    I took over Fishguard & Goodwick Karate Club in 1986 and have been instructing & competing ever since.
    Style: Karate
    Instructor Name & Grade: Sensei John R Dunn 5th Dan
    Website: www.welshhigashi.org

  • Glyneath Karate Club [ View On Map ]

    Glynneath Karate Has been open since 1971, It is one of the oldest clubs in Wales and is part of ?The Welsh Karate Association, which it helped form in 1978.
    Wado Ryu is our Style, but we do have visiting instructors from Ju-Jitsu, Aikido and Kick Boxing, and will continue to have ALL styles teaching here to give students a broader view of the Martial Arts.
    Style: Karate
    Instructor Name & Grade: Tim Evans 4th Dan
    Telephone: 07971 644 445
    Email: glynneathkarate@hotmail.com
    Website: www.glynneathkarate.ic24.net

  • Hakka Kuen Kung Fu [ View On Map ]

    Thursdays, 7-9pm
    Facebook: South Wales Hakka Kuen Kung Fu
    Twitter: Hakka Kuen Kung Fu @HakkaKuen
    Email: dragonoftheblackpool@gmx.co.uk
    Phone: Jon 07891504453

  • Seki Ryu Zan [ View On Map ]

    Traditional Karate A club not a moneymaking scam
    Style: Karate
    Instructor Name & Grade: MASAO KAWASOE SENSEI (8th DAN)
    Telephone: 01286675412
    Email: huw@pioden.net
    Website: www.karatebangor.com

  • Total Body Defence [ View On Map ]

    Alun WilliamsTotal Body Defence Jujitsu is a Welsh derived system of Self Defence that strives to provide professional Self Defence tuition, together with fitness and well being principles to all levels and ages of student,
    Style: Goshinkwai Yawara
    Instructor Name & Grade: Chief Instructor Alun Williams 5th Dan
    Telephone: 07948 965526
    Email: Info@totalbodydefence.com
    Website: www.totalbodydefence.com

    Total Body Defence Jujitsu is a Welsh derived system of Self Defence that strives to provide professional Self Defence tuition, together with fitness and well being principles to all levels and ages of student, irrespective of race, age, gender and ability in order to improve not only the individuals ability to defend themselves via Martial Arts but to improve their quality of life.We provide particularly high standards of Martial Arts instruction and can be assurred of a safe, relaxed and informal environment.

    We currently have schools at

    Abergavenny, Abertillery, Bridgend, Cwmbran, Cardiff, Caerphilly, London, Newport, Pontypool and Risca

    Derived mainly from Goshinkwai Yawara (ancient fighting) principles, but with added interpretation. The style is simply a method of ‘self defence’ involving Atemi (Striking), kicks, grappling and footwork amongst others, with little of the locks and throws seen in many traditional Martial Arts. The system compliments and readily adapts into all forms of Martial art and Self Defence systems. Our base is South Wales, with classes also being run monthly in London and seminars in Europe.

    Much emphasise is put into the professional running of the classes and vetting of students, membership is not just a given but is mainly on recommendation. We pride ourselves on maximising student potential and will work with you to ensure you achieve your desired goals.

    All clubs are fully affiliated with the British Ju-Jitsu Governing Body and offer student Insurance.

  • Wales Wing Chun [ View On Map ]

    Wing chun self defence. Yip Chun lineage direct from Hong Kong.
    Style: Kung Fu
    Instructor Name: Michael Arnold
    Telephone: 07790522161
    Email: m.arnold73@ntlworld.com
    Website: www.waleswingchun.com