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Club Directory


Find Martial Arts Clubs in Scotland. If you would like us to feature your club or you wish to contribute, please get in touch.

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  • Caledonian Muay Thai [ View On Map ]

    Team Caledonian hold Pro Titles at multiple levels and compete all over the world. In 2005 Guy set up the Griphouse; Team Caledonian’s full time training HQ and gym.
    Style: Muay Thai
    Instructor Name & Grade: Guy Ramsay
    Telephone: 0141 649 0029
    Email: guy_ramsay@hotmail.com
    Website: www.caledonianmuaythai.co.uk

  • Carluke Nanbudo Club (Hichi-Ho-Do) [ View On Map ]

    The system is intended as a holistic method of self defence and training, and combines kido ho and budo ho, the techniques for health and the techniques of combat
    Style: Nanbudo
    Instructor Name & Grade: Stuart Lammie 6th Dan (Shihan)
    Telephone: 07793109147
    Email: shinenda@aol.com
    Website: nanbudocarluke.webs.com

  • Fighting Fit Gym [ View On Map ]

    Situated in Kirkcaldy, Fife, the Fighting Fit Gym train in the art of Muay Thai for competition, fitness and self defence in a relaxed environment
    Style: Muay Thai
    Instructor Name & Grade: James Graham
    Telephone: 07903408462
    Email: mail@fightingfitgym.co.uk
    Website: www.fightingfitgym.co.uk

  • Hybrid Academy of Martial Arts [ View On Map ]

    Style: Keysi fighting method
    Telephone: 0141 248 2400
    Website: www.hybridama.com/what_is_kfm.htm

  • Institute of Krav Maga Scotland [ View On Map ]

    IKMS is the countries largest International Krav Maga Federation affiliated Krav Maga organisation offering Krav Maga training at locations throughout Scotland. Book yout free Introductory lesson via our website
    Style: Krav Maga
    Instructor Name & Grade: John Miller
    Telephone: john@ikms.co.uk
    Email: 07984661581
    Website: www.institute-krav-maga-scotland.co.uk

  • Kugatsu Karate -Do [ View On Map ]

    We are a thriving karate club based in the west end of Glasgow, teaching Shukokai Karate to around 150 students of all ages and abilities. Sensei Graham McCann (5th Dan), our Chief Instructor, opened the first of our two dojo on the 6th September 1995 in the Kelvindale area of the city
    Style: Karate
    Instructor Name & Grade: Sensei Graham McCann (5th Dan)
    Email: contact@kugatsukarate.org.uk
    Website: www.kugatsukarate.org.uk

  • Oh Kami Karate Club [ View On Map ]

    Oh Kami Karate Club was founded by Gerry McDougall, 5th Dan JKA, with clubs in Glasgow and Erskine promoting Shotokan karate which can be practised by anyone regardless of gender, age or physical strength
    Style: Karate
    Instructor Name & Grade: Gerry McDougall 5th Dan
    Telephone: 07966 355306
    Website: www.glasgowkarate.net

  • Raptors Kickboxing [ View On Map ]

    Raptors Sports Martial Arts Centres are full time facilities based in Loanhead, Midlothian with satellite clubs in Mayfield and Hawick. We teach Martial Arts Sanctioned by The World Kickboxing Association
    Style: kickboxing
    Instructor Name & Grade: Mr John Young 4th dan
    Telephone: 07757011196
    Email: raptorskickboxing@gmail.com
    Website: www.raptorskickboxing.info

  • Shotokan Karate Club Perth – Newburgh KUGB [ View On Map ]

    shotokan karate club perthKUGB Shotokan Karate Club Perth is based just outside of Perth in Newburg. It is one of the many KUGB clubs spreading across the UK.

    Shototkan Karate Club Perth Address:
    Tayside Institute Community Centre
    90-92 High Street
    Newburgh, Fife
    KY14 6DA, Scotland
    Telephone: 01337 840 709, 0141 562 9158 or 07412 657 422
    Instructor: Alex Thomson
    Email: alex_1pat@yahoo.com
    Website: www.kugb.org/kugb-club-details.php

    More info on Shotokan Karate Club Perth

    The Shotokan Karate Club Perth trains every Friday evening from 4pm until 6pm at the address shown above.

    The class is taught by instructor Alexander Thomson who has reached 3rd Dan level in Shotokan Karate with the KUGB

    Shotokan Karate is probably the best know style of karate in the world and has a massive following of students in the UK.

    Shotokan Karate Club Perth is a Scottish martial arts school that focuses on mainly on Kumite and Kata. Karate means Empty hand in Japanese and therefore the style rarely uses weapons to train with.

    The Kumite element of the karate training is also know as sparring. This can consist of sparring with another student or sparring practice such as spadework and drills.

    The other element of training is know as Kata or forms. These kata are based around learning a set sequence or movements and perfecting them. They eventually give you great insight into the style and constantly teach you more about the martial arts.

    Shotokan Karate was founded by a Japanese man called Gichin Funakoshi in the early 20th century. This style of Karate reached Britain at the end of the 1950’s when Sensei Kanazawa toured Europe. He began to establish clubs across the UK and not long after it was handed over to Sensei Enoeda. Sensei Enoeda built up the KUGB to the association it is today.

  • Shotokan Karate Dunfermline in Scotland [ View On Map ]

    Shotokan Karate Dunfermline
    Venue Name: Bannatynes Health Club
    Dojo Address: Fife Leisure Park, Halbeath, Dunfermline,
    Fife, KY11 8EX, Scotland (01383 737322)
    Instructor: Bob Lennie
    Telephone: 01337 841 007 or 07850 631 182
    Website: www.karatedunfermline.co.uk
    Email: boblennie@btinternet.com

    More information on Shotokan Karate Dunfermline

    The Shotokan Karate Dunfermline is part of the KUGB also known as the Karate Union of Great Britain. All in all it has over 300 clubs across the United Kingdom.

    The Karate Union of Greta Britain regular organises regional and national championships and has appeared in many European and World Championships with a huge amount of success.

    Set up in 1966, as a not for profit organisation. the KUGB has promoted Shotokan Karate across the UK. It is currently one of the most successful single style associations ever in the UK.

    The Shotokan Karate Durfermlie Club in 1983 and was relocated to it current location in 2001. We cater for ages from 5 years upwards and have always attracted people from all aspects all with different reasons for practicing this martial art.

    Our club caters for all ages between 5yrs old to 65 years young, practicing Shotokan Karate. Shotokan is a style of Karate, of which there are many, all offering different ways of teaching self defence.

    The current instructor of the Shotokan Karate Dunfermline Club has been lucky to train with some of the best in this martial art, including Sensei Enoda, Andy Sherry and Frank Brennan. The Shotokan Karate Dunfermline club has had many successes in competition aincuding currently having some Scottish and British Champions.

  • Stirling karate club [ View On Map ]

    The Stirling club is run by NVQ qualified instructors, trained to national standards. The NKF is an OCR approved centre for the delivery of Vocational Qualifications. We are a centre of excellence for Karate
    Style: Karate
    Instructor Name & Grade: Sensei Mike Bissett, 6th Dan

  • Stirling Kung Fu and Kickboxing [ View On Map ]

    You dont need to be fit to start Martial Arts. Through time and gradual training we will give you the fitness and ability to perform the various techniques.
    Style: Kung fu
    Instructor Name & Grade: Derek Dudgeon
    Email: info@stirlingkungfu.co.uk
    Website: http://www.stirlingkungfu.co.uk