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Find Martial Arts Clubs in the Midlands. If you would like us to feature your club or you wish to contribute, please get in touch.

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  • Dev Barrett Karate and kickboxing Club [ View On Map ]

    Dev Barrett
    Learn the art of Karate with former World Champion, 7th Dan Black Belt, current Great Britian Kickboxing coach and Chief Instructor of ECKA (English Contact Karate Association) Dev Barrett.

    The English Karate Association has been established for more than 30 years and is one of the largest and most successful Karate Associations in the UK with over 40 Academies throughout England and Wales.

    Style: kickboxing
    Instructor Name & Grade: Dev 7th dan
    Telephone: 07931640488
    Email: Dev@Ecka.co.uk
    Website: www.devbarrett.ecka.co.uk

    Dev Barrett is the Chief Instructor and Grading Examiner for the ECKA (English Contact Karate Association). He has been on the ECKA Technical and Finance Committee for over 12 years.
    ECKA Chief Instructor
    EKF Qualified Chief Instructor (Level 5)
    7th Dan Black Belt (ECKA)
    7th Dan Black Belt (IBK)
    World Middleweight Champion (Full Contact)
    European Challenge Cup Champion
    British Champion (Full Contact)

    Dev has been training in martial arts since 1971. He has trained in contact karate, shotokan karate, amateur boxing, kick boxing and spent a short time in Thailand on an intensive Thai boxing course. Dev has been a professional Karate instructor since 1982, and opened his full-time gym in Coventry in 1984.

    Dev was a founding member of the BAFCA (British Amateur Full Contact Association) and the ECKA.

    Dev is the European representative for IKKC (International Karate and Kick boxing Council).

    Dev has an extensive collection of trophies and titles listed below are the major ones:
    – 1978 – Shotokan Regional Champion (KUGB)
    – 1980 – British Full Contact Champion (Middleweight)
    – 1981 – European Challenge Cup Champion
    – 1983 – World Full Contact Champion (Middleweight)
    – 1990 – Silver Medal W.K.A. World Championship, Ocean City, USA (Over 35’s)
    – 1991 – T.S.S.K. Kumite Champion
    – 1993 – T.S.S.K. Kumite Champion

    In the year 2007, Dev was awarded his 7th Dan Black Belt by Kancho Henk Kuipers.

    Following this, he was awarded his 7th Dan Black Belt by the ECKA/EKF in 2010.

    Dev was also a member of the EKGB Technical Committee for 5 years.

    He is an International Referee and Judge for both semi and full contact.

    He is also an EKGB Assessor for instructor qualifications and NVQs.

  • Ju Jitsu Rugby [ View On Map ]

    Ju Jitsu Rugby
    Martial Arts in Rugby Warwickshire. A self defence style of martial arts for men, women and children. Ju Jitsu forms the basis of Karate, Judo and Aikido so utilises Striking, Throws/ Take-downs and Joint Manipulations. All very simple and very effective.
    Style: Ju Jitsu
    Instructor Name & Grade: Malcolm Bale 3rd dan
    Telephone: 07954718823
    Email: jitsu.rugby@gmail.com
    Website: www.ju-jitsu-rugby.com

    We teach a style of Ju Jitsu called Tadashii Do Ju Jitsu.

    Tadashii Do tranlates to “Righteous Way” and simply refers to making the right choices. In life we are often confronted with situations which require us to make a decision which can have a large impact on our lives. It is important to use Integrity and make the right choice.

    Every choice we make alters the path we take.

    Tadashii Do Ju Jitsu is dedicated to effective Self Defence and Personal Development.

    Our aim is to help you “Be Your Best You”.

    All our Ju Jitsu techniques consist of Gross Motor Skills which are basic body movements virtually all people are capable of performing.

    Self Defence must be simple to be effective under pressure. It is impossible for most people to carry out Fine Motor Skills when under stress, like that often experienced during an attack.

    We follow a 3 minute rule. If we can’t teach you a technique in 3 minutes or less or you can’t assimilate it in 3 minutes or less then we don’t teach it.

    Take advantage of the Free Trial, come and give us a try, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised in what you can accomplish.

  • TST [ View On Map ]

    TKD for 4 yr olds to adults
    Style: Taekwon-do
    Instructor Name & Grade: Mr Jon Tizick 5th dan
    Telephone: 07910252902 or 07910252901
    Email: info@tstmartialarts.com
    Website: www.tstmartialarts.com