Yin Yang Ba Gua Zhang

Yin Yang Ba Gua Zhang comes from the Tian family and originated in Sichuan Province, near to the Ermei and Qingzhen Mountains. It is an internal martial arts practice believed to have been developed by the Daoists Bi Yun and Jing Yun during the late Ming/early Qing Dynasties.

Tian Hui was the ninth-generation-continuator and had made outstanding contributions on revealing, organizing and practicing Bagua Zhang. He spread, promoted, and wrote books of Yin Yang Ba Gua Zhang to the public. The works “Python form palms” and “Lion form palms” in Tian family’s Yin Yang Bagua Zhang are part of the “Chinese Wushu Literati Archive” series, and included in the “China’s Wushu Complete Encyclopedia”. Mr. Tian Keyan (???) who is the tenth-generation-continuator did in-depth and meticulous research and exploration on the theories and combat techniques and formed a complete theoretical system of teaching