Feng Shou Kung Fu

Feng shou kung fuFeng Shou Kung Fu is an all round self-defence system. It is an internal or ‘soft’ martial art, which uses the principles of relaxation, giving greater control over movement, balance and speed. Add to this the Tan Tien force (internal energy Chi), this enables you to overcome force with gentleness, as the opponent’s strength is redirected to work against them. This makes Feng Shou Kung Fu suitable for men and women of all ages.

Initial practice is performed slowly to ensure safety in training. Sensitivity and speed is developed through the practice of I Shu, the art of Forms and Sets and partner practice. Practical, effective and adaptable, Feng Shou Kung Fu helps develop confidence and self-control.

Feng Shou Kung Fu means Hand of the Wind Boxing. The name comes from the ‘Earl of the Wind’, who in Chinese mythology was called Feng Po. He is depicted as an old man with a long flowing white beard, who stands on the green grass of the heaven’s highest pinnacle, dressed in a yellow cloak and wearing a red and blue hat. In his hands he holds the open end of a cotton sack, and wherever he points the mouth of the sack, the wind blows in that direction. He can turn a full circle, and send the winds unhindered across the whole world. If he moves slowly, then the wind from his sack will hardly move and it will feel like the gentleness of a morning breeze. But if he becomes angry or is surprised then he may turn very fast, and the wind will hurtle across the universe to create the devastation of a tornado.

Feng shou kung fuSo don’t upset him by becoming aggressive, for the one thing he hates is violence. No matter what force he may use, you will never see it, although you will see the results or its after effects, like the leaves rustling in the trees, or in his more serious moods, the roots of a tree being pulled out of the ground. He never gives his intentions away so you can never anticipate his actions and as you can never see him, you never know if he is near you.

Chi Shu style of Feng Shou Kung Fu

Chi Shu ‘energy’ or ‘breath’ art is the Li Family throwing art. Whether applying a ward-off, counter-striking or breakout from a lock or a hold, it can become a throw. We use the extending or contracting of muscles, pressure or release of bones and the opening or compression of the joints. If necessary, arteries, nerves and meridians points can be used.

The opponents force is redirected, throwing them to the ground or into something else, a wall perhaps. Locks can be applied before during or after the throw, as can counter strikes. Student learn to roll, fall safely and how to nullify a throw. Chi Shu combines a devastating self-defence system, Feng Shou Kung Fu, with the softness, sensitivity and balance that epitomise the Li family system. With regular practice, practitioners develop spirit and agility.



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