Emei Quan

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Emei Quan meaning “Emei Fist” in Mandarin, is a style of Chinese martial art named after the Emei Mountains, which are located in the Szechwan province of western China. A wide variety of Kung Fu styles have originated from this place. Since the Emei mountain range is renowned for its abundant wildlife, Emei Quan is famous for its animal styles, most particularly monkey style and its unique Northern styles.

Emei Quan combines both internal and external practices. It consists of strong low stances; little hopping movements and jumps are executed very lightly and quickly. Many of its most lethal techniques are derived from the use of the wrist.

The main characteristic of this art is the way that the practitioner uses force to divert attacks and deliver strikes to opponents. Training involves forms and weapons, which includes a number of techniques from monkey-style Kung Fu. Although it is not well known outside Asia as Shaolin Kung Fu, Emei Quan is one of the five major styles recognized in China.

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