Duan Quan

Duan QuanDuan Quan meaning “Short Distance Fighting” in Mandarin or “Short Style” boxing, is a close range martial art that is very popular in the Hebei province of China. It is a short-range style created specifically for combat. The founder of this art is unknown except that it evolved more than four hundred years ago.

A highly-dynamic and combat-oriented martial art, Duan Quan focuses on short and compact routines, low stances, and quick movements.

Students are taught to be highly mobile, in order to keep the opponent disoriented and unable to attack. Low stances and small but quick movements are major features of this style. The arms and legs are bent slightly. They also use simple and sudden moves and the techniques are executed smartly, wasting no energy. By practicing Duan Quan, students improve their physique as well as sharpen their instincts and skills in close-range combat.

Practitioners of Duan Quan are discouraged from jumping and using mid air techniques. The Duan Quan fighter moves around to avoid the opponent’s attack and then moves in close to deliver multiple counter-attacks.

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