Chang Chuan

Chang Chuan meaning “Long Fist” in Mandarin, was developed by Zhao Kuangyin, founding Emperor of the Song Dynasty (960–1279). His style was called Tàiz? Chángquán, meaning “the Long Fist style of Emperor Taizu.” In legendary writings sent by Taijiquan’s Yang family, their martial art is referred to by the name of Chángquán. These writings are reliably dated to the second half of the 19th century. The Long Fist of contemporary Wushù draws on Chaquán, “flower fist” Huaquán, Pào Chuí, and “red fist” (Hóngquán).

This art known as “Long Fist” or as “Extended Arm Boxing”, originated during the 10th century from Northern China and is one of the oldest Kung Fu striking styles. It emphasises large, extended and sometimes circular movements but relies on strong muscles, joints and tendons to generate power. It also consists of joint locks (Qin Na), throws and takedowns (Shuai Jiao), high kicks, jumps and flips.

Chang Chuan

It is an acrobatic style and in modern Wushu tournaments the patterns are the most eye catching and memorable to watch. Many of the tumbling and flipping kicks have had fancy names named after them, such as the “Butterfly Jump”, “Whirlwind Kick” and “Tornado Kick”, with many of them being used by computer game characters. Even though the movements predate the styles date of origin, Chang Chuan’s contemporary form combines elements of Cha Quan, Hong Quan and Hua Quan.

Northern Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu syllabus includes the following:

Barehand Forms
Qin Na Dui Da (Joint Locking skills & sets)
Two Man fighting routines
Self Defence applications
Iron Palm training

Weapons Training involves the use of the following:

Long Staff (Gun)
Broadsword (Dao)
Double Edge Sword
Spear (Qiang)
Chain/Nine Section Whip (Bian)
Dragon Phoenix Sword
Straight Sword (Jian)
Double Sword (Shuang Jian)
Double Broadsword (Shuang Dao)
Meteor Hammer
Hook Sword

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