Ba Fa Quan

ba fa quanThere seems to be very little information about Ba Fa Quan, or Eight Methods. It is a Chinese martial art developed by Li De Mao at the end of the Qing dynasty. He combined the techniques of Fanziquan, Paochui, Tantui, Tongbeiquan and Xing yi quan into a new style based on the theory of eight methods. The eight methods are: outer trap, inner trap and stab, flick, support, shake, chop and reel. This style includes both single forms, pair training, as well as weapon training such as spear, saber and sword.

The Boxing for partners was invented in 1906 by Sun Zhong Shan. Before the Revolution of 1911 he had organized the ShanXi voluntary army to overthrow the Qing government. Thus this Chinese Martial Art was developed as a specifically military training method. This emphasis on practicality made Ba Fa Quan quite popular for a time and is a fully synthesized form of boxing. It has a rigorous structure and a tight composition.

Eight Methods Big Spear, also known as the Big Pole, is a specialty of this style. This technique first appeared in 1906, just before the Revolution of 1911. It combines the methods of the Yue-family spear, Pear-flower Spear and Liuhe Spear with principles of the eight methods. It is also design to work on foot or on horse back.

Ba Fa Quan is popular in regions such as Shanxi, Datong, Inner Mongolia and Yuencheng City.

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