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Nam Pai Chuan

Nam Pai Chuan

Nam Pai Chuan is a hybrid Shaolin Kung Fu style that combines elements of Judo, Wado Ryu and Tae Kwon Do.

The name translates as “northern southern Fist” in Cantonese, because of its combination of northern and southern Chinese hand techniques, with its origin in the central Chinese style called “Fat Gar Kuen”.

This style was brought to Malaysia by Cho-Si Seh Koh San, who became abbot of the Siong Lim Temple in Singapore, and died in 1960 at the age of 74.

One of his students was Quek Hen Choon, who is famous for his demonstrations of Ying Qigong. The style was brought to London in 1979 by one of his students and founder of Nam Pai Chuan, Christopher Lai Khee Choong, and has since expanded to include many centre’s in the UK, Belgium, France, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and Malaysia.

Nam Pai Chuan is a very broad style, and includes kicking, punching, chin na locking, take-downs, throwing, pressure points (dim mak), weapons, traditional forms and Chi Gung (breathing energy exercises).

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