Vale Tudo

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Vale tudo History looks at this combat sport, originally from Brazil, where wrestlers can use any martial art or combat sport, since the rules allow almost all the fighting techniques. In most battles, the gloves were not used and the only rules were not put his fingers in the eyes of his opponent or to bite him.

vale tudo historyThe battles can be won by knockout or surrender with a slap of the hand.

Currently, Vale Tudo has evolved with rules provided, preventing any type of injury and where gloves are required. Butting, blows to the neck, throat or testicles are prohibited.

With this development, the popularity of this sport has increased in many countries like Japan, the United States, and the Netherlands.

Later in 1993, a company, SEG SPORTS, USA organized a tournament in Vale Tudo, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) under the slogan “anything goes” that is, anything goes, no weight limits, time and with the objective of demonstrating what is the best martial art.

Another innovation was the change of the battlespace, the boxing ring to a cage octagon large enough, which over time has become a symbol of the organization.

In the early UFC tournaments, fighters had to fight several times a day for the win. Many fighters from different disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo etc.. participated.

In the first 4 editions participated a family member Gracie, Royce, who had much experience in this kind of challenge. He has managed to defeat all his opponents and won three of the first four UFC (defeat against Kimo Leopoldo, much heavier and stronger than him).

vale tudo historyApart from the UFC, organized several international events Vale Tudo, such as the International Vale Tudo Championship in Brazil from 1996 to 2002.

The concept of Vale Tudo adapted itself to different places. For example, in some tournaments could not stomp his opponent to the ground, in others the use of the elbow to the face etc. were forbidden.

The Vale Tudo has definitely evolved out of the atmosphere-sports challenge to enter the ground floor in the sports-entertainment. Currently, there are two major events the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which takes place in the U.S. and the PRIDE Fighting Championships in Japan. These two competitions have replaced the term by the Vale Tudo MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Often people think of as a Vale Tudo fight without rules. This idea has lived. If we look at the complete history of the Vale Tudo there were only two deaths compared to over a thousand deaths in boxing in just over a hundred years.