Weight Training for the Martial Artist by Geoff Thompson

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Weight Training for the Martial ArtistWeight Training for the Martial Artist by Geoff Thompson. It’s hard to know what this book really is. Is it a book that wants to give martial artists, who have never done weights before, a basic introduction into weight training. Or is it a book that offers martial artists weight training specifically designed for martial arts.

If it is the later, it isn’t a very good one. None of the exercises relate to martial arts movements or areas on the body where typically martial artists are weak and need to improve. None of the movements will give you an advantage during a sparring session or competition. If that is what you are looking for then best stay away.

If you are a martial artist looking to do a bit of weight training, have no idea where to start and what you’ll need. Then this is a good as place as any. Geoff runs you through a series of exercises that work different areas of the body and doing them will give you an introduction to weight training and a workout that you will see benefit from.

Not a classic but some useful stuff