Wadoryu Karate Fighting Techniques Uncovered Review

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Wadoryu Karate Fighting Techniques: What the Blurb says:

Wadoryu Karate Fighting TechniquesWadoryu Karate Fighting Techniques Uncovered, is the most
comprehensive book ever published on Wado-Ryu fighting techniques. This book will take you from beginner to advanced level techniques, with advise and tips only learnt through years of study and sweat!

Included in the book is speed training, reflex training, feints & tricks, power training, fighting techniques. Tips on competition and free fighting, kumite-Gata, Ohyo-Gumite, Kihon-Gumite, Sanbon-Gumite, body movement, angle of attack & defence. Also many other aspects of this fascinating Art. Its author Frank Johnson trained in Japan with the Wadoryu founder Hironori Ohtsuka and was editor of Wado-World magazine. Frank has a unique insight into the Art of Wadoryu Karate. This book is a must have for the Wadoryu/Kai enthusiast.

Wadoryu Karate Fighting Techniques: What Enso Martial Arts thinks:

Don’t be mislead by this small books size. This is definitely a case of quality not quantity. The books talks a bit of about Traditional Wadoryu but I think Karate practitioners will be mostly interested in the competition and self defence sections of this book.

Not only does it cover, general fitness, drills and rules of competition but also some sneaky tricks. The sparring techniques mentioned are fantastic and apply well into your training.

A good book for all Karate practitioners and must have for Wadoryu practitioners.