Book Review on Understanding Shodokan Aikido

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Understanding Shodokan Aikido: What the blurb says

Students around the world study Shodokan Aikido, a method developed by the master Kenji Tomiki.

In this instructional book, sensei Sean Masaki Flynn outlines the principles of anticipation and preparation, details basic movements for responding to an attack, and introduces essential terms. Over 100 photographs illustrate movement sequence.

Understanding Shodokan Aikido: What Enso Martial Arts says

This is a good book for both beginners and more experienced Aikido practitioners. There are not that many book currently written about the Aikido style of Shodokan. So it is great to get this viewpoint of an Aikido. Even though it is only focused on Shodokan, it is written is such a way that would appeal to practitioners of all styles of Aikido. It is able to do this as it focuses on fairly basic techniques of Aikido and explains them from the Shodokan perspective. Shodokan Practitioner swill obviously find this useful but other style practitioners can find this useful as it similar techniques they are practices but from a different viewpoint. Very Useful.

The main part of the book teaches the basics of the Shodokan system, with some good photos and clear explanations. It’s a very helpful guide for anyone working towards their first 2 grades of Shodokan, as it has good descriptions for these. If you’re more experienced in Shodokan you can still benefit from the techniques in this book.

As the book focuses mainly on basics of Aikido, so it is a book that can be useful too all Aikido practitioners.

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