Tai Chi Workbook by Paul H. Crompton: Book Review by Enso Martial Arts

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Tai Chi Workbook: What the blurb says

More than a step-by-step description of movements–it also presents a methodical way for Westerners to appreciate and master the subtleties of the art. Illustrated.

Tai Chi Workbook: What Enso Martial arts says:

The month of February, Enso Martial Arts is focusing on Tai Chi Chuan. One of the books that is one offer this month is The Tai Chi Workbook by Paul H. Crompton.

In this book Paul Crompton teaches the Tai Chi form taught by the late Master Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s. I personally have always struggled with books as a good teaching aid and will always tell my customers to get a good teacher first and a book to back it up second. This book works well for that advice. The illustrations alone would not give the student much to work with but the information in the text is excellent and will fill in gaps and help them with their learning. It is always to good to hear the same lesson through another.

A good one for the shelf, but really only for the Yang Tai Chi student.