Superfoot Bill Wallace The Ultimate Kick: Book Review

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Bill Superfoot Wallace, The Ultimate Kick: What the Blurb says

Despite a major handicap, Bill Wallace was the top name on the international and full-contact fighting circuit for almost 20 years. Now for the first time, the man they simply call ‘Superfoot’ reveals his secret ring techniques. Learn how to destroy an opponent before ever throwing a punch. Discover how you can turn three simple kicks and two punches into the most devastating combination in competition karate.

Bill Superfoot Wallace, The Ultimate Kick: What Enso Martial Arts says

I have had the honour of training with Superfoot twice now and he visited the shop as well, good job we had his book in! It was the first thing he checked when he came in. Great teacher, great inspiration, great book. If it teaches you nothing else, it brings home the benefit of perfecting one technique or a very small selection of techniques. Superfoot himself had no choice, but the people employ this tactic are sure to do well in competition. Judoka know this too.