Scientific Coaching for Olympic Taekwondo Book Review

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Scientific Coaching for Olympic TaekwondoScientific Coaching for Olympic Taekwondo was written in 1997, so 18 years old now. Olympic Taekwondo has moved on so much in terms of an Olympic sport, that a lot of the techniques and concepts in this book are out of date and now considered basic. This is, however, for those competing at a high level in Olympic Taekwondo, the majority of Taekwondo practitioners out there are not training at that level and Scientific Coaching for Olympic Taekwondo such as this will give them real insight into their own training and can still learn a lot from it. The difference now between Olympic Taekwondo and regular Taekwondo is massive.

As martial arts books go, Scientific Coaching for Olympic Taekwondo is a big one with 248 pages. The authors breaks taekwondo down into very structure well laid out concepts that are explained well and clearly. If anything it takes a bit of the traditional ‘magic’ out of the style as it break it down so much.

There is a section on the mental aspects of taekwondo, anatomy, strength training, teaching methodology, all of which are well researched and written. A great book for regular taekwondo practitioners and that will open up new avenues and concepts. For Olympic Elite practitioners, it’s a little out of date.