Qigong: Chinese Movement and Meditation for Health: Book Review

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Qigong: Chinese Movement and Meditation for Health: What the Blurb says

Qigong for HealthTai Chi Qi Gong is an increasingly popular Chinese martial art which promotes well-being and self-awareness through different breathing exercises. The exercises are best described as “internal” as they both relax and energize the body and are curative in nature. “Tai Chi Qi Gong” as a methodology is said to cure everything from psychosomatic disorders to poor circulation and cancer, by helping people to achieve a centred body, restoring energy to the organs that need it and shedding from those that do not.

Qigong: Chinese Movement and Meditation for Health: What Enso says

It’s such a hard thing to write an instructional exercise book, especially in martial arts and health based systems. The reason for this is that the author cannot see what the practitioner is doing day to day. Also the practitioner has nothing to gauge themselves against. How do you know where to you are doing the movements correctly. All the author can do is point you in the right direction, give you the information they believe will help you on your way and that’s it.

It would be pointless overloading with too much info, as this can only be a book for beginners really. Instructional books can only serve as a reminder for current practitioners or a starter for someone looking to get into it. Books can never replace an instructor.

So lets look at the book. It has clear simple guidelines into Qigong and also some meditation for health. It follows you through the step simply and easily and is clear and concise. Definitely a good book if you’re getting in Qigong practice.