Book Review: Martial Arts around the World

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martial arts around the world

Martial Arts around the World what is said in the blurb

This is the highly anticipated follow-up to the best-selling title Martial Arts Around the World. Like the first volume in the series, Martial Arts Around the World, Volume 2, explores the martial techniques and philosophies developed over the span of history by different cultures around the globe. This time, we take you to Africa, Europe, Asia and South America to reveal the exotic and lethal arts each of these continents has produced. And as an added bonus, we focus especially on those martial arts that have proven their effectiveness through no-hold-barred combat.

Martial Arts around the world: What Enso Martial Arts says

We get a lot of people in the shop looking to start a martial art but with little idea of what to do or how to go about finding our about the different styles available. This book is a great starting point. It lists a lot of the major styles aswell as some extremely rare and hard to find styles. With good pictures and clear explanations, it’s a place to start your journey in martial arts.