Clearing Away the Clouds Book review

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Clearing away the clouds: What the Blurb says:

clearing away the cloudsIn this personal account, Stephen Fabian presents lessons for mastering life and self. While each lesson is gleaned from a distinct phase Fabian’s life experience or martial arts career, taken together they form a step-by-step programme for personal mastery and success in life.

Clearing away the Clouds: What Enso Martial Arts says:

This book has always and glowing reviews so I was excited o get start. Mr Fabian clearly has a goo dknowledge of martial arts ut writes this book in a way that could appeal to about from any background.

He talks a lot about the philosophies that martial arts teahes and how these can be ultilised into any part of your life.

It could be a self help book, a philosophical book and a martial arts book. A great book and well worth spending some time reading and digesting.