Black Belt Success Plan – Book Review

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Black Belt Success Plan

Black belt success plan blurb on the back of the book:

Black belt success plan compares the martial arts mind-set to that of a mind-set for achieving success. Not just financial success, but in other areas of life too.
If you are a martial artist, then you can use the same principles that you use during your martial arts journey, and just transfer them to your everyday life.

Of course its not just for students of the martial arts

The examples given are very simple and easy to understand. The author of the book Master Ray Gayle relates some of his real life struggles and outlines some of the tools he used to overcome them. He tells about his martial arts journey towards becoming a black belt, and how although he didn’t realise it at the time, why he succeeded, where others failed.

The book looks at some of the factors that contribute to our own fears and provides some answers on why fear is a positive emotion.

He introduces you to his own personal success group of people who helped him realise his current mind-set. The book gives some simple overviews on why you the reader might not be achieving some of the things you would like to.

It includes a simple step-by-step plan for you to follow to build your own success plan.

Who will benefit most from Black belt success plan?

Those who want to start and run their own business

Those who would like better financial rewards for their efforts

Anyone who would like to have better relationships.

Those who believe that someone has to be born into a rich family to have any chance of living in their dream home.

Black Belt Success Plan book review by Enso Martial Arts:

The book is a fast read and should appeal to those who find reading many of the current books about success and goal setting, hard to finish.Not just a book for martial artists or people training for their Black Belt, Black Belt Success Plan is a book for all people wanting to make changes and improve their life.

The concepts here can be applied to anything you choose and is descried in an enjoyable eays to read way. You could refer back to this book time and time again and it still have lessons to teach you.

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