Aikido beginners guide by Dunken Francis Book Review

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Aikido beginners guide: What the blurb says

Aikido beginners guideAll the major aspects of Aikido are clearly laid out in this beautiful aikido beginners guide to Aikido. Illustrated with over 90 photographs and using a clever ‘page per topic’ format, it’s ideal for the newcomer to the art or for those just curious about Aikido. Excellent value for money.

Highly recommended by some of the world’s most senior Aikido masters. Nicely presented in a smart A4 style. Totally ‘non style-specific’ this book appeals to students of all branches of Aikido and covers everything from the first day’s training right up to the spiritual and theological aspects of the art. Rapidly becoming the standard Aikido beginners guide text.

Aikido beginners guide: What Enso Martial Arts thinks

With 30 pages full of well set out information and illustrated with over 90 photographs of techniques and stances, this makes an ideal beginner’s guide to founder Morihei Ueshiba’s beautiful art of ‘the way of harmony’.

Nicely presented in the rather unique A4 landscape style, this is a really clear and concise overview of 25 different sections covering a wide range of subjects such as the core principles and history of this beautiful art, dojo etiquette, stretching, techniques, practice with the wooden sword and staff and even how to apply Aikido in daily life.

It also very helpfully has a comprehensive section on useful Japanese words and phrases to aid you when understanding the atmosphere and intricacies of dojo instruction.

The books additional great strength is also it’s ability to speak directly to the reader in non-technical jargon and even when specific Aikido phrases or principles are mentioned, the author advises you of their meaning which is most helpful to the uninitiated.

Designed to be more of an ‘aide memoire’ rather than being a technical manual, this book is definitely excellent value for money and the book comes highly recommended by some of the world’s most senior Aikido masters.