The Advanced Shotokan Karate Bible by Ashley Martin

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The Advanced Shotokan Karate Bible by Ashley Martin: What the Blurb says:

advanced shotokan karateThe Advanced Shotokan Karate Bible is an authoritative text following on from The Shotokan Karate Bible with a syllabus beyond black belt that dispels common misconceptions about advanced techniques. Many people – and indeed karate schools – are of the opinion that once a student reaches black belt level, there is no more that they can be taught. This is far from the case, and Ashley Martin – a black belt with 15 years’ experience and his own successful school – sets out an advanced syllabus with a combination of full-colour illustrations and concise text for the advanced student who wishes to build on their training but is unable to do so at karate classes. Complementing The Shotokan Karate Bible, and presented in the same clear layout and attractive style, The Advanced Shotokan Bible is the resource for the serious black belt Shotokan student.

The Advanced Shotokan Karate Bible by Ashley Martin: What Enso Martial Arts says:

This is one of the books on offer for our month focusing on Karate, so it was good to have a read through it and find out what Ashley martin has to say.

Let’s look at what the book offers. I suppose it come down to what you mean by advanced shotokan karate. If middle of the coloured belts, then yes this book is advanced. If you have been a Karate Black Belt for 20 years, then no. It is not.

Books are always a great guide and memory prompt and for this it excels. You will not find new techniques or tricks, to add to your arsenal, outside of the standard karate format. The pictures are clear as are the explanation. the layout helps you get around the book easily and you can refer back to it without, searching endlessly.

The book this suits the best is someone training in the higher coloured belts going for their black belt in the near future.