3 Second Fighter by Geoff Thompson Book Review

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3 Second Fighter by Geoff Thompson: What the blurb says

3 second fighterThe majority of attacks/fights last less than three seconds and are preceded by aggressive or disarming behaviour. This book trains you to read the body language and ritual of attack and ‘stop’ your attacker in his tracks by using a physical and psychological ‘fence’ or a cripple-shooting attack. The book also covers ‘ambush attacks’ and ‘match fighting’.

3 Second Fighter by Geoff Thompson: What Enso Martial Arts says

Make no bones about it, the size of this book reflects the number of techniques taught. But in a self defence, a thousand techniques isn’t necessary so it doesn’t need to be ‘paving slab’ size monster read.

The book is split into the following topics 1) Learning one or two techniques well and being able to use it. 2) How to recognize a dangerous situation and cope with it 3) the legal side of ‘self defence’ a section that is extremely interesting and a topic I think not many people in the martial arts field will know about.

Although short, the 3 second fighter has everything you’ll need. Self defence doesn’t need to be a complicated thing, just simply learning how to deal with a situation. Therefore the book doesn’t need to be complicated. The practice to get proficient is difficult though, so make sure you use this information to the best of your abilities and get down to your local club and train train train.